Privacy Policy

laptops in space is a digital artwork by neesh GbR and bureau314.

We do not use cookies other than necessary for the usage.
This means:

If you decide to book a custom space and were to include - let's say - a vimeo live stream, that would in turn of course mean, that all cookies that are set automatically by that live-stream of vimeo would also apply for the usage in laptops in space. This means, depending on the additional features you book - and more specifically - depending on the (re)sources of their content, additional cookie policies might apply. Again - this is only the case if you have a custom space with custom content, where this custom content is using/setting cookies. We ourselves don't.

We only collect anonymous usage statistics for the website and app under We do this in a privacy-focused way with the use of and thus in accordance with GDPR.

When you create a space or room, we log anonymous usage statistics of that space on our servers (which are all in the EU). We keep those stats only for our internal evaluation and performance optimisations and do not sell or provide them to any third party.

All traffic is encrypted between you and our servers and from our servers back to you (through Transport Layer Security).

If you have any further questions, simply email us at